Evil Cogs

We found Evil Cogs over the weekend while browsing the Play Store, and admittedly, we are suckers for the dark, Burtonesque art style that is apparent in the look and feel of Evil Cogs. This platformer was released a few years back and is billed as a dark, atmospheric fairy tale where you play as a little white blob in search of light in an inky black mystical world. And yes, this world has evil things in it that will kill you if you aren’t careful such  as spiky cogs for example.

We found the game play in Evil Cogs to be fairly intuitive as you make your way through each stage. The control of movement is a little reminiscent of Flappy Bird although you can touch the ground and the walls in order to propel your squishy character along.  Each stage in Evil Cogs is presented as a small puzzle where you need to reach the end of each one in order to go further.  Naturally, each level becomes more difficult and presents you with additional challenges as you go further. We really like the look and feel of this platformer although it is a little advertisement heavy as you get full screen ads between each stage which really sort of takes you out of the game. With that said, the artwork and feel is quite nice.

You can check out the initial trailer for Evil Cogs here:

Developer: Wet Fish
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