Eternal Hope’s Dark Mystery

Here’s an upcoming game that captured our interest with it’s slick look and feel that appears to be all at once dark, and playful.

Eternal Hope is described as a 2D Physics-Based Puzzle Platformer, which is great since puzzling platformers are right up our alley. The puzzles we see at first glance make full use of the Unity engine’s ability to pull off interesting and creative physics based puzzles and challenges.

The story in Eternal Hope: You play a boy, wracked by grief over the death of a loved one.

His mission: Collect the pieces of his lost love’s soul and which are scattered throughout this mysterious world, and to do so, he must solve puzzles and avoid various perilous situations. Can he bring her back to life once his mission is accomplished? We’ll have to find out.

Eternal Hope hasn’t yet been released but you can check out the alpha gameplay here:

Developer: Double hit Games
Check out Eternal Hope on Gamejolt.

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