Enter the world of LostMiner

Just happened upon LostMiner (beta) in the play store and if you like sandbox games like Minecraft or Terraria, you should check this game out.

The LostMiner world is pretty open, so you can tear down as well as build as you see fit. I tried to chop down a tree, but I was warned that this will be available at level 5 and alas, I am still a lowly level 1. I could however run and jump around the lush farmland and terrorize the poor chickens and cows. You can sort of tell how successful I was at that by looking at the state of my bloody axe in the screenshot below.  Unfortunately, I was soon killed by a monster so I guess that’s karma for you.

lost miner sunset

There are plenty of cool features in LostMiner, including a whole underground portion which I did get lost in (like a…ahem…lost miner…cough) and couldn’t get myself out until I figured out how to jump high. The controls are also very simple as you can tell from the screenshot. Classic Nintendo style controller configuration,  inventory on the right. The learning curve is small so you can get right into the fun.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, LostMiner is still in beta, so hopefully we’ll see some new and improved releases in the future. For some  Lost Miner gameplay action, check out the video:

LostMiner, now known as LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game is only available for Android at the moment:
Developer: Caffetteria dev.
Get it for Android

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