Endless Abyss

If you like your games retro and with the bare minimum of bits required to put a smile on your face, then have a look at Endless Abyss which comes from the same creator as previously reviewed Pixel Kitchen. I’ve always enjoyed minimalist approaches to gaming and Endless Abyss delivers in look, feel and sound. Yep, that 8-bit soundtrack will take you right back to 1983. I’m not sure where exactly in 1983, but 1983 nonetheless.

Endless Abyss is a vertical scroller and you play as an Indiana Jones inspired character who has one singular goal: survive for as long as you can as you make your way down the abyss, which by the way is endless (hence the title). During the course of your descent, you will encounter various traps and enemies which include things that are known to lurk in dark spaces such as spiders, undead skeletons, snakes and eyeballs. Yes. Eyeballs. There are disembodied eyeballs in this game and they can not only see you, but they can also kill you. You can kill them too but you’ve got to stomp on them or use your trusty whip to vanquish them as you make your way down, down, down the abyss.

Endless Abyss plays fast and the games are short (probably because I die frequently). How long can you survive in the abyss?

For more 8-bit goodness, check out the gameplay for Endless Abyss:

Developer: Steven Splint
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