Eggness Overloaded: You Are the Egg

That’s right. In the wacky game that is Eggness Overloaded, you get to play as the egg and you’re rolling around like a mofo across this pretty acre of farmland. You can control the egg using the arrow keys as well as by using the spacebar to get the egg to jump, but be careful because as eggs do tend to crack, this one will too if you are too rough with it. And if you crack, it’s game over.

So what is Eggness Overloaded about? Simple: As the egg, you must search for and collect all of the ‘colour palettes’ of the map. Great. Did I say this was simple? The idea is simple but the task is not. It may not be obvious at first, but if you take a good look around your egg-like self, you’ll see said colour palettes hanging out in very hard to reach places (like the sky for example). How do you reach them, you ask? This puzzle requests that you figure that out for yourself, but I was to give you one hint (or just watch the gameplay video below) it is to use the items on the land to your advantage (bouncy tires anyone?) With that said, good luck not cracking that egg.

There’s really not that much more to say except that this is one of the weirder games we’ve played this year. Best to check out the Gameplay video to ask for yourself how the idea for Eggness Overloaded was hatched. Enjoy!

Developer: Javed Wilde
Download it for free on for Windows.

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