Doofus Drop excels at being moronic…and wins

Doofus Drop is one of those games that you can openly call silly and stupid without insulting it. Yes, those adjectives (and more) are all compliments in a game where the main character has an IQ of negative infinity.

Our hero(?) aka the main character in Doofus Drop aka Doofus, kind of looks like a low-watt potato and your mission is to launch him (it) as far as possible. Right from the start we see lots of promise as you begin the game by crashing Doofus on his beater of a bike into a garbage can and then hurtling down an endless hill strewn with all sorts of debris. Some of that debris will propel you (rickety old shopping cart) and some of it will slow you down (mailbox) while you collect bonus stars which can then be used for purchases and upgrades. By upgrades, we’re talking about better equipment to perform more and more ridiculous (and completely idiotic) stunts.

It’s a weird world

The overall look and feel of Doofus Drop really captures the weirdness of its ludicrous, hillbillyesque world and beats you over the head with the joke, repeatedly. You know how it is when a friend tells you a terrible joke, but doesn’t shut up about it until it actually becomes funny and you end up laughing uncontrollably? That’s Doofus Drop, and it works because after awhile, you just have to laugh at just how ridiculous everything is.
doofus drop mailbox eyeball
You can buy additional stars through in app purchases but there is also a prize wheel to that you can spin, and if you’re lucky,  you can win a turd. That’s actually a good thing.
doofus drop spin the wheel
To get an idea about just how crazy and idiotic (and we mean that in the best, most complimentary way) Doofus Drop is, check out the gameplay trailer:

Developer: Curious Labs
Get it for Android
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