Discover what is Behind the Memory

Love the look of GuraShop‘s Behind the Memory. In this realistic looking exploration game, you play the role of Hector, who returns to the burnt-out post-apocalyptic world that was once his home. But when was that? And how long ago? And why exactly did Hector leave, or more importantly…why has he returned? Yes, these are all questions that you may or may not have answered as you explore the rich and textured world that is presented to you in Behind the Memory. As you delve deeper and deeper into Behind the Memory, more of its narrative will slowly be revealed to you, bit by bit. But, how much do you want to find out, and will you regret it once you do?

Behind the Memory is available on Itch and was recently greenlit on Steam so it will soon be available there as well.

For a closer look at Behind the Memory, check out the trailer:

Developer: GuraShop
Buy it on for Windows

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