Demolish some buildings with these demolition games

I was looking for a good demolition derby game and while I did find what I was looking for in Car Wars 3D, I also ended up finding a few actual demolition games where you can practice and hone your skills destroying buildings. Let’s have a look:

Wrecking Ball Demolition Crane

Yes, the title describes exactly what the game is which is a straight up wacky building demolition game aka Wrecking Ball Demolition Crane. That’s right: Just all building and structure destruction all the time! Ever since reading Graham Green‘s The Destructors in high school where those kids who mess with the structure of that old guy’s house and bring it down, I’ve been fascinated with the process of both construction and deconstruction. So, my interest was piqued by a game that lets you destroy buildings for fun.

Wrecking Ball Demolition arms you with a wrecking ball and your job is to swing that ball into a given object and destroy it within the given time limit. I gotta say, I don’t love the time limit and I kind of wish there was a berserker mode where you can go on a rampage with your trusty wrecking ball. Maybe that’s another game.

Demolition is sometimes an inexact science

I have to say that this game is as clumsy as…a wrecking ball attached to a crane. Sure, the physics engine is sweet (yay, we love the Unity engine) and the controls are simple enough, but the ads, and the cut scenes are so poorly executed, it made me want to uninstall the game immediately. Seriously, an ad plays as soon as you start the game, in between levels (a double ad, thanks), and as soon as you complete a level. And when I say “as soon as”, I mean the very second, so you do not even have time to see what the hell just happened.

So yeah, maybe Wrecking Ball Demolition Crane needs to be spruced up a bit. A little update to clean it up? I mean, even the name is questionable. Within the game itself it is known as Demolish 3D Truck, so we’re not sure what exactly is going on there. Plus, at the App Store it’s known as Extreme Wrecking Ball Construction & Demolition Crane 3D. Seriously?

At any rate, the game has its merits and the 3D modeling (lots of crazy machinery and trucks to drive and smash things with) and action is pretty good. It just plays like a very, very badly edited movie. Also, my phone crashed at level 8 and we could advance no further. Also…too many ads!

wrecking ball demolition crane

Developer: Kick Time Studios
Get it for Android from Google Play
Get it for iOS from the App Store

Disassembly 3D: Demolition

Next up we found  Disassembly 3D: Demolition. The goal of this game is to demolish buildings using dynamite or a cannon or even a rocket launcher. The 3D building models are actually quite lovely and the explosions are entertaining enough. However, weird things happen when you toss 3D model parts into the virtual air. Yes, normally if you remove the supports of a wooden shack using a cannonball, it should collapse, no? Oops:
disassembly 3D ultimate beach shack

Let’s try again, this time using dynamite:

modern beach house demolition
When you hit the explosion icon, it blows up in painfully slow ‘slo-motion’. Conveniently however, a slider is provided on the bottom to speed up the chaos if you want.

disassembly 3D explosion

Well that seemed to work, except for the disembodied floating debris:

demolition debris

Overall, Disassembly 3D: Demolition is well done although my phone got really hot while playing. Not too ad heavy but you do need to buy in to get the other building packages which include high rises and various others. The free version only gives you 3 structures to play with. Other than that…enjoy!

Developer: Khor Chin Heong
Get it for Android from Google Play
Get it for iOS from the App Store

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