Death Road to Canada

Here’s a modern day dilemma: Keeping up with digital content in the world as it exists in the waning days of 2019. This is a world choked of content: art, music, TV, and of course, video games. We can thank technology for the rate at which we can create and produce content, but being able to keep up with or even play all of that content is not so easy, unless you enjoy forgoing sleep and traveling the road to insanity. All this to say, that this is why we’ve only just gotten around to playing Death Road to Canada.

Initially released by RocketCat Games in 2016, Death Road to Canada is your go-to zombie killing, road trip survival, team play, hack and slash, rock and rolling RPG .  Yes, it’s all that and more as Death Road to Canada even blends 8-bit beats with classy guitar solos.  Death Road to Canada truly is a bloody blender of influences that all at once pays homage to b-movies, zombie horror and 8-bit retro gaming while bringing us a glorious zombie apocalypse survival game that really pulls off the disgusting visual gore (the audio is just as gross) while still maintaining a retro-gaming style. Whew!

Death Road to Canada is presented as a “randomly generated” RPG which means that the game is never quite the same. Your character(s) are presented with tough choices such as where to go next (Y’all Mart, Hardware Store, etc) and your very survival may depend on what you find there as well as the choices you make along the way. You’ll find weapons and supplies that will help you survive a swarm (or worse, a horde) or rotting zombies, and maybe even another living human to help you on your quest. But will they be an asset … or a liability? Will you succeed in your quest for safe haven in Canada? You’ll have to play to find out.

Developer: RocketCat Games
Publishers: Rocketcat Games, Ukiyo Publishing Limited, Noodlecake Studios
Genres: Action, Fighting
Available on Steam, Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4

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