Death Pipe runs at breakneck speed

If you want to play a challenging racing game that will keep you on your toes, Death Pipe from slick mobile game makers Anion Software might be right up your alley.

Using your phone’s gyroscope to rotate the screen, you will find yourself motoring along an endless curving pipe while trying to avoid the obstacles in your path. The game itself is slick and beautiful and is appropriately named Death Pipe because you will also find yourself doing plenty of dying until you get the hang of it. Just take a look at my screen shots and you can see how I’ve improved from shitty score to mediocre score, in just a few minutes!

death pipe scoreI’ve already tripled my best score!death pipe screenshot

Death Pipe has a great look and feel to it and is reminiscent in design of other cool games by Anion Software like Apocalypse Runner and Neon City. And as fun as it is to play, I completely recommend this game based on looks alone. The only caveat is that Death Pipe is currently only available for Android. How long can you survive?

Developer: Anion Software
Download for free from Google Play
Buy the ad free version from Google Play

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