Dark Ascent is Cruel Byte’s latest cool game

Cruel Byte makes cool and challenging games and their newest release Dark Ascent is no exception.

In Dark Ascent you are Bloomy, a kind of adorable little blob of grease who needs your help rising above the darkness of this spooky realm that looks like the birthplace of Halloween and Tim Burton. With only a balloon and your reflexes at your disposal, holding and pressing the screen will help Bloomy rise up out of the darkness. But it’s not that simple because this path is paved with snakes and spiders and other creepy creatures who will pop your balloon at the slightest of touches. So in order to survive and get as much altitude as possible, you need to be very cautious and time your next move ever so carefully, or else it’s all the way down, back into the darkness for you.

It only take a few minutes of playing Dark Ascent to get a good feel for the mechanics. A long press will propel you upward more quickly while tapping the screen more slowly will help you hover in place. Indeed, there are times when you will need to hold your position to get past certain adversaries (I’m looking at you, circular snake!) of which there are many. Not just snakes, but spiders and thorns come to mind as well.
dark ascent thornsDark Ascent is not all darkness however. There are plenty of balloons and outfits to unlock. Don’t want to play as default Bloomy? Why not play as Darker Simpson with his donut shaped balloon? How about Darkonic? You’ll have to earn it though. Good luck!
dark ascent masks balloons

Check out the Dark Ascent gameplay trailer for a closer look:

Developer: Cruel Byte
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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