Daddy Long Legs is still impossible to master

As if mastering it is even an option. This crazy Daddy Long Legs game from a few years ago recently got an update with a bunch of zany new costumes. It’s still an insanely difficult (albeit amusing) game and new costumes or not, the fact still remains that I cannot get this two-legged freak to walk more than a meter!

Daddy Long Legs is a walking game, much like the legendarily frustrating flash game QWOP is a running game. All you need to do is get this weird looking thing (is it a two-legged spider?) to walk without toppling over in the weirdest and most hilariously uncoordinated way. But how? There are no instructions at all, which is part of the allure of Daddy Long Legs because let’s face it, figuring things out for yourself is so much more rewarding, right?? But, there are a ton of crazy costumes to unlock because the developer understands the importance of being entertained while being frustrated. So it’s win-win all around.

Speaking of win, I just managed my own high score of 13.64 meters. Yeah! And I did it with a pair of underwear on my head.

daddy long legs high score
If you need a better visual to this madness, check out some Daddy Long Legs gameplay here:

Developer: Set Snail
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