Cruel Jump is exactly as advertised

Yep. Cruel Jump is cruel alright. Cruel Byte‘s circle jumping game is relentless and unforgiving. You’re a little yellow square sitting on the edge of a group of concentric circles. Oh yes, they’re rotating too (in opposite directions from each other!) and you have to jump from one to the next. But some rings have a gap which you better not fall into, or else you will perish and fall to your demise. Also, if you wait to long to jump, you will also be swallowed up by the abyss.

Yeah, this game is very hard. Cruel Jump is another one of those games where you need to stay alert and always be ready with you next move. My best score so far, as you can see below, is 17 successful jumps. Pretty good (I think) considering my first 50 attempts were no better than 5.  Cruel Jump is free (with ads) and is available for Android and iOS.

cruel jump circles game play
Check out the Cruel Jump gameplay video for an even closer look:

Developer: Cruel Byte
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

2 thoughts on “Cruel Jump is exactly as advertised

    1. Thanks Igor, I’ll update the post to include the iTunes link! Still enjoying being beaten badly by this game 🙂

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