Commute: Heavy Traffic is a lot like sitting in heavy traffic

Here’s a hard traffic game. Commute: Heavy Traffic puts you in a traffic jam where you have to go as far as possible without rear-ending anyone. It’s a simple game but rear ending the car in front of you is surprisingly easy to do, which is one of the things that makes Commute so hard. The other thing that makes this a pretty hard game is that the other drivers are even worse than you are and they will rear end you if you drive too slow or slow down too suddenly. So you need to time things just right.

For example, remember when you were learning to drive and the rule was to keep 1 car length behind the car in front of you? Well forget that because it won’t work. In order to go the distance in Commute, you need to stay pretty close to the car in front of you. easier said than done since I have only made it a short distance so far.

Commute also has various upgrades which you can purchase as you amass some money. You can purchase different cars which have their own special qualities in the acceleration and braking categories, for example. There are also various missions to accomplish such as making it to various attractions within each city. All this without crashing of course. Good luck.

Check out the gameplay video for a better idea :

Commute: Heavy Traffic is only available for Android at the moment:
Developer: Kiary Games
Get it for Android

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