Clash of Clans continues to explode in popularity

Well, we finally got on the Clash of Clans train a full 2 years after it was first released for Android and 3 years after it first appeared on iOS. That’s right: no one will ever accuse us of being bleeding edge.

Clash of Clans is what some people refer to as a freemium MMO and it really is massive. At the time of this writing, it is still hugely popular with over 19 million players. That’s right. 19. Million. That’s pretty big, but if you’re still not impressed, Clash of Clans even has it’s own convention with ClashCON and has advertised during the Super Bowl which, as you can probably guess, wasn’t cheap. In fact, the Clash of Clans Super Bowl ad has actually been one of the most popular ads from Super Bowl XLIX, so money well spent.

Clash of Clans Gameplay

Clash of Clans is a strategy much like many other MMOs before it. World of Warcraft comes to mind but Clash of Clans has its own signature style. For a mobile game, it’s really quite remarkable what they’ve accomplished in terms of level of detail.

Battles – What’s nice about Clash of Clans is that the battles are actually animated. When you decide to go into battle and you send out your troops, you get to be a spectator and watch the battle play out before you in great detail. It’s very mesmerizing and this is unique by mobile games standards which often skimp on detail in order to to save on resources, often to the detriment of the game itself. This reminds me of the way Mafia Wars was on mobile, where all you see is a ‘FIGHT’ splash screen before the results of the fight are posted.

Single Player Campaigns – Another cool feature is single player campaigns where you play against NPC aka Non-Player Characters like goblins for example. In single player campaigns, you can still raid and collect gold and precious elixir but you are not awarded any trophies.

Look and Feel

The animations are very fluid and although Clash of Clans has a cartoon look to it, it doesn’t come across as cheesy at all. The characters are fun and when you’ve really built up your army and town, battles start to get very interesting with tons of actions to watch as the battle plays out. Supercell has really capitalized on this game’s popularity which is also apparent in Boom Beach which has Supercell’s stylish look and feel stamped all over it.

clash of clans rice

Clash of Clans “Live Action”

Clash of Clans has a massive legion of fans that are very, very thirsty and when the folks over at Supercell released this virtual battle scene, the Internet practically imploded and collapsed before finally coming to and managing to get a grip on reality. The video’s been online for less than a day and it’s already got over 8 million views. Yes, that’s an instant viral video. Talk about knowing your audience! The animation follows the level of detail that we see in the game and is very true to the spirit of Clash of Clans. Check it out:

Developer: Supercell
Download Clash of Clans: Android or iOS

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