Burger – The Game is super weird but also quite stylish

Completely ridiculous yet very pleasing, it’s Burger – The Game. Now although the game is just about seeing how many burgers you can stack on a bun (yes, that’s all there is to it), Burger – the Game is stylishly minimal in a cool and classic, flat Art Deco style.

As we know, game play isn’t always everything with a visual appeal being super important too, and this is where Burger really wins: by employing one simple action (flipping burgers on a bun!) and at the same time, having the look of a snooty French bistro.

Or maybe I’m reading into it too much. Because it’s really just about flipping burger on a bun.


So how many burgers can you stack? My record is 7 and I’m trying for better than that.  As you stack more burgers, there are plenty of unlockables (so promises the developer). So far, I got nothin’! Gotta keep flipping…

burger-the-game-stack-bunburger the game stack bun

More craziness where this game came from

If you liked this game, you can also check out the earlier Pancake – The Game which involves…um…just flipping a pancake. Seriously, that’s all you need to do and it won’t enrich your life in the least.  And yet, it’s appealing (in the same visual art style) and amusing. All kinds of strange things to unlock as well, as you try to flip a pancake as many times as you can. Great fun!

Developer: Philipp Stollenmayer
Download Burger – The Game for Android or for iOS.
Download Pancake – The Game for Android or for iOS.

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