Broken Breakout is thinking outside the box

Spotted Tim Garbo‘s Broken Breakout? on Itch this morning and the execution of this game is kind of pretty much the definition of “thinking outside of the box”.

Broken Breakout? is just like classic Breakout, except…it’s not. But it still is, because at first glance it looks just like Breakout. But you see, the thing is, instead of moving the paddle to hit the ball, you move the entire playing field/world to hit the ball. Come to think of it, the more I play this game the more I realize that this isn’t thinking outside of the box at all because you’re still actually in the box. Maybe this is more like playing with the box? Or maybe it’s thinking about the box? I really don’t know. Either way, I’m still playing Broken Breakout, so there’s that.

Broken Breakout? still exists as a playable prototype at the moment but it’s pretty entertaining. It’ll be interesting to see how and if this one is developed further. Have a look or get it via the links below:

broken breakout level

Developer: Tim Garbos
Play it or Download it on for Windows or Mac

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