PixlWalkr‘s Bladefall was released as a demo on Itch just a few short months ago and we really like the look of this one. I always had soft spot in my heart for games that use original  artwork and Bladefall really pulls it off with its hand painted watercolor look. While the characters have an endearing and familiar look that have their roots in classic anime, the backgrounds lalso have a rich and original feel that draw you in and entice you to explore the environment. All this of course without getting destroyed by a volley of arrows from those enemy archers because you see, you’re the princess and your native land has been taken over and the King (your dad), has been usurped. Now it’s your job to get the kingdom back and expel the bad dudes and rip down their black flags that are now flying all over the kingdom.

In so many words, it looks like it’s high time for a quest.

Here’s a fun gameplay/development trailer for a closer look at Bladefall:

Developer: PixlWalkr
Download it for free on for Windows

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