Big Hunter: Defeat the beast

KAKAROD INTERACTIVE‘s Big Hunter takes you back to a time when you had to hunt for survival and every day depended on you bringing home a woolly mammoth (or something equally tasty) in order to feed the tribe and survive one more day. That is the basis for Big Hunter. Every day you are up against a mammoth which you need to defeat with a limited number of spears at your disposal. It starts off relatively easy but soon enough, your opponent gets tougher and you need to start throwing those spears more accurately in order to defeat the beast and advance to the next day.

Indeed, defeating a mammoth each day is almost the perfect metaphor for the daily grind of the 21st century. Do you identify more with the ancient tribesman who’s just trying to eke out one more day, or are you the mammoth, who by the way is also just trying to live to see another sunrise. Or maybe it’s just a game where you launch spear shaped pixels into ore pixels that are shaped like a mammoth. Are we over thinking it yet?

It’s kind of funny: when I first started playing Big Hunter, I sort of felt a little bad when I started launching spears into this large (albeit animated) beast. However, once he started repeatedly besting me with his tusks, I pretty much got over that initial feeling and got right into the game. It’s a short learning curve and the controls are simple.  Aiming and releasing the spear works on the same principle as the old classic Scorched Earth game. Aim accurately and release quickly. You’ll need to because this mammoth won’t sit idly by while you try to kill it.

As always, check out the gameplay video for a closer look at the game with all weapons acquired:

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