Beat ’em all up with OneMan

Have these challenging times of Covid got you all frustrated? Is the whole global pandemic thing getting you down? Sad about Social Distancing? Are you annoyed by the latest throngs of Covidiots materializing everywhere? Well, worry no more! At last there’s a game where you can beat up the masses in close contact battle without any risk of getting Covid-19!

That game is OneMan, a Beat ’em Up style game where the throngs of bad guys come to you instead of you having to go to them, as you might in a traditional beat ’em up like say, Street Fighter or Narc.

First off, I really like the comic book art style of OneMan. Its simple and effective water-colored sketches are fun and consistent throughout and the comic style extends to the font of the dialogue boxes, which somehow brings to mind the fact that this is one of those rare occasions where Comic Sans actually makes sense. Because usually, it doesn’t. Like in my manager’s PowerPoint presentations. But I digress.

Right. Back to OneMan. The game setup is really simple: you in middle, goons and thugs to your left and to your right. When the game starts, punch left and punch right, and take down those toughs before they take you out. Which is what happens to me, after about 3 seconds. Every time. And the reason for that is because OneMan is unforgiving when you are hit so you need to be very fast. This is a good challenge and with the bad guys coming at you in relentless fashion, you need to find your rhythm to beat them, along with your best score.

There are 2 modes to play: Normal mode and Time Attack mode. So far, I’m abysmally terrible at both. But I will persevere! Also, there are lots of characters to unlock which is another fun goal along with trying not to die.

Enough said! Check out the official trailer for OneMan and get it for Android and/or iOS

Developer: Francis Entereso
OneMan is available for Android and iOS

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