Auralux: Constellations: More is More

Auralux: Constellations, the long awaited sequel to 2013’s Auralux was recently released on June 1st and boasts a host of brand new features. This is the kind of sequel that keeps all of the best elements of the original game while bringing everything to the next level. And when we say ‘next level’, we mean next, next, next level.

Strategy Overload

For the uninitiated, both Auralux and Auralux: Constellations are strategy games with the ultimate goal of planetary domination. Each planet you possess will continuously produce units which you can then send over to another planet (free or occupied) and try to take it over.  If you succeed, that planet will then start to produce units of its own but, as you can see from the screenshot, every planet is open to attack (and you will get attacked), so plan your strategy and defend accordingly.
Auralux planet attackAuralux: Constellations is the perfect sequel to Auralux. The gameplay is effectively the same, but everything else is bigger and better without being complicated.

New Features galore

Some of the new features include:
Single or Multiplayer mode – Multiplayer mode really opens up the gameplay to all kinds of new strategies. Playing against AI is one thing but playing against other humans opens up a whole new can of worms.
Constellations – The ‘constellations’ in Auralux: Constellations refer to 12 different modes of gameplay each of which have different mechanics and features.
Music – It should be noted that the cool, ambient music on Constellations is all original.

Check out the gameplay trailer to get a closer look.

For an even closer look at the artwork and the graphics (they are very slick) check out some actual Auralux gameplay:

: War Drum Studios
Developer: E McNeill
Get it on Steam

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