A Clockwork Brain 2 takes the challenge up a notch

We had a lot of fun discovering Total Eclipse GamesA Clockwork Brain a few months back and now that a major update has been released with version 2, we dove back in for some more challenging brain training puzzles! If you enjoy puzzles that focus on memory, language, reasoning, dexterity and attention, A Clockwork Brain will be right up your alley.

If you’ve played A Clockwork Brain before, you’ll recognize the high degree of thought that has been placed on design and overall feel of the game. The themes in A Clockwork Brain delve deep into Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art (an unlikely combination, but they actually work really well together) and makes the game a lot of fun to look at. One of the challenges that routinely comes up is matching or identifying Victorian items which might really look like they come from another time and place (which in effect, they do). This really ups the challenge especially on the silhouette identifying levels. It’s just one of the many fascinating elements to the game.

Here are a couple of screenshots to give you a good idea of the level of detail involved while showcasing both Victorian and Mayan themes:
clockwork brain steampunk mayan

A very cool new feature

Aside from a number of bugfixes and many more puzzles to enjoy,  another very interesting new feature in version 2 are the Petbots. Petbots can be collected as you advance stages and will help you out with boosts during gameplay. For instance, acquiring Petbot ‘Snoozy’ will stop the timer at the end of a game, giving you the chance to get some more points. You’ll find your Petbots hanging out in your inventory, but I won’t tell you what they all do. That’s for you to find out 😉
clockwork brain petbots

One last note: A Clockwork Brain has some really great music running through it by composer Zorzes Katris. Considering that Katris has a number of film scores under his belt, it’s no mistake that the music lends the game an overall cinematic quality that is dramatic and playful at the same time. Great fun!

Check out the official trailer for A Clockwork Brain 2.0:

Developer: Total Eclipse Games
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