99: The pressure of a deceptively simple game

In this little Android game simply called 99 from Kapo Games, you begin with a deceptively simple interface and a simple goal: get your score down to 0 from 99. We recently talked about 99 Rockets, i.e., a game where the goal is to get a score of 99 and while this is a completely different game, the setup is kind of the same. Because you know, the number 99 and all.

Of course, none of this is simple because if it were simple, we probably wouldn’t even be playing this excellent little time waster.

It’s Just Like Simon but It’s Not

So we have a multicolored disk which kind of reminds me of that old Simon game with a slight variation. To play 99, you just tap the screen and the disk rotates. Now you need to tap the screen when the color matches the color of the arrow pointing at the disk. Each time you match, your score decreases by one and the disk quickly rotates in the opposite direction and the color of the arrow changes. The other catch: You’re not allowed to miss or else the game starts over. You’re not even allowed to let the disk make a full rotation without reacting so you have to be on your toes the whole time. To “win”, you need to get 99 matches in a row.  This is where you really start to feel the pressure…of missing! It’s one of those games where you’re so constantly anticipating the next move, that you are also constantly messing up. But, success is attainable if you concentrate and stay in the zone!
99 android game best score screenshot
So yeah, how many times can you match in a row? My record: 11, (or 88 depending how you count). Good luck.

This game is only available for Android from what we can tell.
Developer: Kapo Games
Get it for Android

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