3 satisfyingly addictive puzzle games

When it comes to mobile games, puzzle games are pretty much our favorite genre. In fact, I don’t think there’s another genre that even comes close to puzzle games, at least where we’re concerned. With that said, it looks like it’s time to pick 3 puzzle games for Android and iPhone and give them a quick review.

Flow Free

The point of Flow Free is to connect the matching coloured dots to create an unbroken “flow”. The end result actually looks a lot like a printed circuit board (PCB) which was probably the intention all along. Flow Free is a very simple game and yet, it’s very pleasing and addictive to play. From the smooth flowing lines, the bright colours and especially the Zen-like sounds of water droplets going “bloop” and “swish”, this game equally relaxes me and tricks me into thinking that I might have left a faucet on somewhere in the house. Like in the kitchen, as usual.

There are plenty of free levels to play and plenty of fun to be had. The puzzles start off easy and get more challenging as we go along. Flow Free is ideal for a short ride on public transit or to pass time during those endless afternoon meetings.

flow free screenshots level
Developer: Big Duck Games
Publisher: Noodlecake Studios
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

Big Black Dot

We love Big Black Dot for a number of reasons. 2 of those reasons are that it’s simple to play, but hard to master. Plus it’s a no nonsense puzzle game. Sure, those were 3 reasons, but the point being, Big Black Dot starts you off with little dots, which you slide and match up according to colour and size. When two of the same kind touch, they merge into a slighter larger dot, and as a different colour. Now you need to match that dot with a dot of like scope and hue. But, choose your path wisely, because as your dots get bigger, dots of the same ilk may become scarcer. So far, I’ve managed to get about 2900 points and have made it to big yellow dot, but have not managed the elusive big black dot yet. It it even exists. Fun game, with a semi-cheesy, relaxing soundtrack.

big black dot scores screenshot

Ok, about the ads. We don’t mind them overall, but is the full screen ad, before the game even starts, really necessary? The same full screen ad also appears just as you lose the game, which is quite distracting. Poor ad placement. Just saying.

Developer: The Oak Team
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

Puzzle Retreat

Last up, it’s Puzzle Retreat. How does one even describe this game? Well, thankfully we have screen shots. First of all, the design in Puzzle Retreat is lovely and warm. Nice wood finishing everywhere, as if you were in a spa or…perhaps…a retreat of some kind…where you you had …um…puzzles to complete. Yes, in fact, it feels a lot like some kind of puzzle based retreat, which is perfect because that’s the game we are playing.
puzzle retreat screenshot

In Puzzle Retreat, you are moving little cubes of ice around from source to destination. The objective is to fill each hole with a block of ice, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. No, you’re wiser than that. Of course there’s a catch! Blocks of ice can slide over each other, but once they are settled in a space, you either leave them there or hit the undo button. Puzzle Retreat gets crazier and more complex as you complete more and more levels: fire, direction changers, multipliers. Puzzle Retreat has everything, and all within a cozy, rustic setting.

Developer: The Voxel Agents
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

Well, that’s three more puzzle games that I’ll be playing this weekend. Have you tried any of these? What are some of your favorite puzzle games these days?

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