3 Android puzzle games that will make time vanish

The weekend is here and maybe you have some down time to kick back with some mobile puzzle games for Android. There are tons of great puzzle games for Android kicking around which are of course, too numerous to mention. So instead of mentioning them all (which would be impossible!) here are 3 addictive games that you can play in your spare time whether it’s on a lazy Sunday or your daily commute.


Not the actual draw-and-discard format of the classic Chinese game, but the equally popular “match” version of the ancient Chinese game. There’s something very relaxing about matching beautiful tiles from the randomly stacked pile. But it;s not always that simple since you need to match correctly or else you could be stuck in a situation where you can’t solve and clear the board of all tiles. Classic game and always fun.

mahjong screenshot mahjong screenshot

Developer: 1C Wireless
Download it from the Play Store


– First of all, this game has a great interface. Pinch and zoom, rotate, swipe: it’s all there to help you analyze and approach each puzzle from every angle. Interlocked presents you with a number of interlocked (obviously) pieces and you need to figure out how to separate them. Excellent smooth play and each puzzle gets more and more complicated. I love how this game is designed in such a way that pieces have texture and warmth. The next best thing to actually holding the object in your hand. I can easily see games like this becoming a thing in the world of future VR games.

interlocked android screen shot interlocked android

Developer: Armor Games
Download it from the Play Store

Brain It On

Brain It On is immediately addictive. If you like solving physics puzzles, this is the game your brain was born to play. Each puzzle is accompanied by a simple phrase that states what you need to do to in order to solve the puzzle. The question is, how do you get there? Draw a shape with your finger and it will fall into the puzzle area. Will it help you solve the puzzle? That depends on the puzzle and how you go about solving it. Each puzzle is more challenging than the next and twice as much fun. I’ve been stuck on Level 18 for the last hour and my brain hurts. Great game!

brain it on screenshot

P.S. Level 18 wasn’t so hard compared to Level 33 which I had to look up the solution for. Very tricky level and I’m sure it’s just going to get tougher.

Developer: Orbital Nine
Download it from the Play Store

Also, all 3 games are free on the Play Store and iTunes App Store if you’ve got an iPhone.

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