1 Volt: Don’t get recycled

1 Volt is the story of a little battery that ran off on its way to the recycling plant. Your mission: escape the treacherous recycling facility and all its deadly pitfalls and gears or else they will grind you into battery dust.

To get through each level as a legless battery in 1 Volt, you’ll need to fail a number of times before you can begin to develop a strategy. Your main tool is your charge which you can use to connect to walls and ceilings, as well as gravity itself which is how you will propel yourself most of the time. Each level will present a unique challenge to the player and each puzzle will get harder to solve as you move along. And most importantly, as you pass each level, you’ll learn valuable skills which will help you pass subsequent levels.
1 volt screenshot quantizedThe use of physics in 1 Volt feel great and are a lot of fun once you get the hang of them. But just like any video game, some games require a little bit more practice and experience and 1 Volt feels like one of those games. Indeed, it gets better as you play and learn. I read through some some of the comments and some users were quite frustrated as they had issues with the gameplay and they apparent lack of ease in manipulating the character. I can confirm that after checking out the initial help screen about how to play, I had no issues at all. So yeah, RTFM and have a little patience, as they say.

Check out the 1 Volt Gameplay video for more battery action:

Developer: Quantized Bit
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