Unity: Replacing default ThirdPersonController character (Ethan) with a Mixamo character

When it comes to setting up a 3D Unity project (or any Unity project, really), Unity provides plenty of free assets that you can use for testing or just as a template to get your game off the ground even if it’s just as a prototype. The Standard Assets package is one of those packages and it is not only vast, but is full of goodies such as out-of-the-box, ready-to-go scripts and character controllers such as the ThirdPersonController.

The ThirdPersonController (aka Ethan) in question can be easily implemented in basically 2 steps:

1. Download and import the Standard Assets package from the Asset Store.
2. Drag and drop the ThirdPersonController into your scene.

And voila! Instant third person character that you can control and move about your scene.

Replacing Third Person Controller character Ethan with your own model

While the ThirdPersonController provides you with a great foundation with which to base your main character, at some point you’re going to want your use your own 3D models instead of the default Ethan character  if you want to add some originality to your game, which should be the point of designing games in the first place, right?

I found that the video below illustrates just how easy it is to replace Ethan with your own model by using a Mixamo model as an example. You can do this in about 3 steps:

1. Download a Mixamo model in standard T-pose.
2. Import the model into Unity and export the textures.
3. Replace Ethan with your model.

This short ~8 minute video explains this all very clearly. You are basically importing the models textures and will then use the existing rig from the Third Person Controller. All very easy peasy. Check it out:

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