Right Click to Necromance

You’ve got to love self explanatory titles that leave nothing to the imagination (Snakes on a Plane anyone?). Right Click to Necromance is exactly that and is still super addictive. Released to itch.io back in January 2016 Necromance is still considered a work in progress but is still just as fun to play as it is. And play it you will. Over and over again. Like I’m doing right now.

One of the great things about Right Click to Necromance is that a single game can last anywhere from 10 seconds to…whenever. It all depends on how strong your army becomes.  Is there an end? We don’t know yet. What we do know, is that the point of the game of course, is in the title. Starting off with a band of four warriors, you attack and kill your enemies. Once they’re dead, you can (you guessed it) right-click to resurrect them. And now they’re part of your army, helping your increase and grow your ranks. Once you have a large enough army, you can start taking on larger and more powerful enemies. Unless of course…they get to you first. It’s a great concept that we’d love to see expanded upon.

Check out this gameplay video for more necromancing fun:

Developer: Juicy Beast
Play it for free on Itch.io for Windows

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