RetroPie 4.6 is Finally Here

RetroPie 4.6It’s been a bit of a stretch between releases (Retropie 4.5.1 was released back in July 2019) but Retropie 4.6 is finally here, and the most important aspect is that it now comes with support for the Raspberry Pi 4.

Here are just some of the new features and updates available in RetroPie 4.6:

 – Raspberry Pi 4 support – Obviously this is the most important feature albeit, support is still considered as beta, so there should be some new updates coming in the new future.
 – RetroArch 1.8.5
 – EmulationStation 2.9.1 – Including Scraper fixes for the TheGameDBNet and Theming improvements

Update your RetroPie to the latest version

From the main menu, choose RetroPie Setup and click on Update. The update may take some time depending on your network connection, size of the update as well as the number of emulators you have installed.

You can find some more detailed instructions here on updating your RetroPie to the latest version.


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