Q*bert Rebooted: I’m still terrible at this game

Finally got around to playing Q*bert Rebooted and I can pretty much sum up the review in just a few words: It’s still really hard and I still suck at it.

Yeah, good old Q*bert. There was always something very appealing about maneuvering that little hose-nosed freak around this cubic pyramid but in the end, the result was always the same: death. Q*bert was never an easy game, especially once that snake (Coily) and various charcters like Sam and Slick start making their appearances.

In Q*bert Rebooted you have you two modes to play: Rebooted Mode and Classic Mode. Classic Mode (pictured below), which as described is still super hard (I played it on Android on my HTC M9), looks great, and is completely true to the original early 80’s version. It’s also just as hard as ever which is obvious as I just keep either getting killed by something or I end up falling off the edge. Still, it is quite fun to revisit from a nostalgia perspective.
qbert classic swearing deadIn Q*bert Rebooted mode, everything is a little slicker. Same goal of course, just smoother graphics and a smoother looking Q*bert dude. I didn’t play much beyond Level 1 because well, like I mentioned already, I’m pretty bad at this game. The controls are fine on a phone but honestly, let’s just say that Q*bert was made to be used with a joystick. That said, maybe I’ll give it a few more chances.

qbert rebooted level screenshot
Developer: Gonzo Games and Sideline Amusements
Publisher: Sony Pictures Entertainment
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