Pool Party Panic presents a dark vision of the future

Don’t let the bright, happy colours fool you. Pool Party Panic from Outlaws Studio is a dark vision of humanity’s destiny and where we stand on an ever warming planet. In Pool Party Panic, you play the role of a lifeguard, and that role is questionable at best.

The job of most lifeguards is to either save people from drowning or to keep order in and around the pool.  As Pool Party Panic‘s resident lifeguard, your job is essentially to make sure that your guests stay cool, lest they get too much sun and burn to a crisp. Literally. Because your poolside revelers will actually catch on fire and be reduced to a pile of ashes if you fail to cool them down with your Super Soaker(tm). Sure, it’s all fun and games as your clueless vacationers lounge around the pool and water park, completely oblivious to the scorching sun as it roasts their cool blue skin to a darker and darker shade until they actually burst into flames if not caught or treated in time. Sound familiar? In some cases, the people will wade into the pool by themselves, but don’t count on it. If you want them to survive, you’ll need to chase them down and give them shade by opening parasols or by slathering sunscreen on them, if you can catch them before they spontaneously combust. Try as you might, it’s all pretty futile as there is no saving humanity from themselves. Or is there?

Check out this gameplay video for a closer look into the insanity that is Pool Party Panic:

Developer: Outlaws Studio
Get it on Gamejolt for Windows and Mac

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