Painting the town with Splash Cars

Everything’s grey in the world of Splash Cars and your job is to change all that by painting over the town with beautiful color. Think of your car like a paintbrush and your goal is to paint over as much terrain as possible before you run out of fuel (paint?).

At first glance, the Splash Cars interface feels quite cluttered. I find the layout to be a little busy but once you get used to it, you’re really just looking for the Play button, the vehicle chooser and the map levels.

splash cars interface clutter

Painting against the clock

Game play is simple: the map is square and all you need to do is maneuver your car either left or right. The car’s speed is taken care of automatically by the game so you don’t need to worry about it. Paint over as much terrain before your fuel runs out, which will invariably happen once you get past the small maps. It starts to get quite challenging to paint over 60% of the map once you get to the medium maps, so at this point you really need to develop a strategy. Of course there are many in app purchases which fall into the “pay to win” category of game play. However, if you work out your strategy and paint over the terrain efficiently (don’t drive over already painted areas), you can succeed with some practice.

splash cars level police chase paint

Are Power Ups enough?

There are a number of power ups as well which can help you to paint as much of the grid as possible, but are they enough. So far, having reached Level 7, I’m going to say NO. Why? Because none of these power ups increase replenish your fuel, which would be nice. The ability to pick up a gas tank or something would be cool too, like in the awesome Hill Climb Racing. But that’s a whole other story.

One power up will disable the police cars so that they’ll stop chasing you temporarily. Another one is the Super Switch power up which transforms your car into a later stage car for a short time as well as Brush Up which makes your car bigger, hence helping you paint over more terrain faster. One other My favorite is probably the magnet which lets you grab coins and bonuses from within a wider radius than your default car size. Fun game to play casually but leans more towards a pay-to-win scheme if you really want to advance.

Developer: Craneballs
Download it for Android from Google Play
Download it for iOS from the App Store

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