No blood in Peach Blood but plenty of weirdness

When we happened on a game called Peach Blood, we just knew that we were onto something weird. Or maybe the fact that gave it away was that the developer is called Lard Games. Yes. Lard Games. All I can imagine is an office full of open cans of flowing Crisco and while I know in my heart that this is not the case, part of me wants it to be true.

So anyway, here we are playing this very odd game starring characters that in fact, kind of look like they are made out of fat blobs of shortening. The goal is pretty simple: run away from things bigger than you and eat things smaller than you. All of these little bipedal things are called “vembers”.  You just run around trying to eat small vembers with your flip-top head while trying to avoid the larger vembers and their flip-top heads.  That’s it.

Right. There are powerups and bonuses to pick up too such as magic mushrooms and coins. Some of things turn you into a giant, all powerful  vember, but for a limited time. There are also negative things to avoid such as ice cubes and light bulbs. Go ahead and try it. It’s super weird.

For some more weirdness, check out some Peach Blood gameplay:

Developer: Lard Games
Get it for Android
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