Lemma: Immersive first person parkour

Many parkour style video games that we’ve come across mainly involve just running and jumping which of course, is fine in itself.  After all, running and jumping is pretty much the basis for any platformer that was released since the dawn of video gaming.  Lemma was released a few years back and is an immersive first person parkour style game with a few twists that make playing it a unique experience.

One of the main things that make Lemma different is that you don’t simply jump from platform to platform. You can actually generate and create these platforms and use them to plot your next move as you travel through the air. It’s a surreal world that’s rich, immersive, full of texture, and probably best played while wearing your VR goggles.

Check out the Lemma gameplay trailer here:

Developer: Evan Todd/
Get it on Itch.io for Windows
Get it on Steam for Windows

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