It’s hard to survive in Buried Town

Buried Town was under our radar (probably because it was only recently released) and it’s an old school / new school survival game that is available for Android, iOS and Steam.

What’s old school about Buried Town is that it draws from the genre of text-based games while using stationary graphics to accompany the story. Considering that there are a few other popular games like Buried Town on the market these days such as Lifeline and Out There, it looks like the single player, text-based adventure genre is alive and well. Stylistically, Buried Town is dark and stark in black, white and gray, with splashes of red. Hey, it wouldn’t be a doomsday survival game without some red, right?

It’s Doomsday

Yep, that’s the deal. It’s the end of the world and it’s full of zombies. When the game starts, you find yourself on an island and to survive, you’ll need food, weapons and shelter. I really liked Buried Town‘s interface and found it relatively easy to jump into the game and get my bearings. You have an inventory and a health meter and the top of the interface gives you some important vitals such as weather, health, and days alive.

There’s also some cool, creepy music throughout the game. It doesn’t always flow between cut scenes but hey, I like the overall feel and ambiance that it creates.
buried town interface zombies

How do you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Obviously, supplies are the key to your survival. But which supplies do you keep and which ones do you toss? Since you can’t carry everything you find, you might need to make some hard choices. Plus, there’s this little thing about the zombies. You will encounter them, and you’ll have to kill them with your trusty axe, or better (I haven’t found anything better than an axe). You’ll also come across helpful items like, sleeping bags and good old fashioned houses for shelter.

You can also use an old radio to communicate with other players but I haven’t managed to survive more than a couple of days.

So far I’ve died from an infection, zombie, and I’ve starved to death. Fun.

This seems to be a slow burner of a game, so take your time. Your character should be treated like a human, so you’ll need to eat, and sleep in order to recover. There are however some in-app purchases in Buried Town to better your odds of survival but I’m not feeling desperate enough to pay-to-win.

For a better idea about how Buried Town works, check out these game play videos for some tips and strategy for staying alive. Pretty cool once you get into it.

Developer: LOCOJOY LTD
Download it from Google Play
Download it from iTunes
Get it on Steam

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