Instantly Regret Your Decisions With 10 Second Tattoo

In 10 Second Tattoo, you are tasked with giving your customers the tattoo of their dreams, but in just 10 seconds. Can you deliver? Probably not, and that’s what makes 10 Second Tattoo so much fun: inking out terribly awful tattoos. 10 Second Tattoo really taps into all of the fun of getting a tattoo but with none of the regret, but all of the shame. Or some of the shame, with a hint of despair.
Either way, each reset of the game presents you with a random (and awful) tattoo design idea, presumably straight from your imaginary client who is prone to such terrible ideas and (probably) life choices. You, the tattoo artist, must do your best which, in 10 seconds, usually results in hilarious disaster.
10 Second Tattoo is actually a fan game of Jenny Jiao Hsia‘s Morning Makeup Madness which employs the same concept except instead of ruining your face with makeup, you can disfigure yourself permanently from the safety of your computer screen. Check out the game play  video for a closer look at the madness:

Developer: Burgess Voshell
Play it in your browser on Game Jolt or download it for Windows or Mac OS

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