Go crazy with Car Wars 3D: Demolition Mania

Car Wars 3D: Demolition Mania is one of those games that you can go nuts with and just demolish other cars in a demolition derby arena. Sure, you need to survive in order to complete the levels, but you can also just get out some frustration and deliberately destroy other cars as hard as you can. I mean, that is actually the point of the game and Car Wars 3D: Demolition Mania exists to let you do just that.

One cool aspect of Car Wars that I really enjoy is that there is no time limit per level, so as long as you are alive and you still have an opponent to crush, you can mess around and destroy each other for as long as you want, or as long as it takes. Time limits in my opinion should be reserved for racing games, but even then, I’ve never been a fan.

Car Wars 3D also has some pretty extreme scenarios beyond the usual demolition derby muddy track arena. How about demolition derby on a heli-pad way up in the sky? My first thought was that this was modeled after the Al Arab in Dubai, and perhaps inspired by that Red Bull Al Arab stunt where they do donuts with an F1 race car on the Al Arab‘s heli-pad. I’m pretty sure it is with all of that insane architecture in the background. What do you think?

car wars demolition derby dubaiHowever it was inspired, you just know that having a demolition derby on a high-rise heli pad is not going to end well for anyone. Case in point, here are things not going well for me at all as my car goes sailing off the heli pad towards certain destruction. Also, what the hell happened to my wheels?
demolition derby high rise crashNo big deal. The great thing about falling off a heli pad in your car in Car Wars 3D, is that you can just try again. So far this has been the hardest level to complete for me (what with the whole falling off the building thing), but it’s still fun. There are plenty of other crazy levels to enjoy in this game, so I’ve got to just keep on trying. Enjoy!

Developer: Tapinator Inc.
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