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Finally, a game that appeals to my cycling sensibilities and at the same time, satisfies that deep, dark desire to do the unthinkable: kick other cyclists off the road! That’s right: road rage isn’t just for people in cars.

This is Hisashimaru‘s Bikrash (pronounced Bike Crash or Bike Rash? You decide…) and you’re a pro road cyclist just doing your best to get to the finish line. But just like in real life, you’re met with obstacles in the form of similarly ambitioned competitors, and they’re crowding the road! Here, you’re left with no choice but to either skillfully maneuver around the other cyclists and, if they’re close enough, kick them out of the way.  Yes, as politically incorrect as it is, it’s a lot of fun, and clearly the most appealing aspect of the game. Sure, the bike crashes and pileups are entertaining and all, but when the goal is to steer clear of these road-clogging, spandex-clad pedalers and reach the finish line, who wouldn’t do whatever it takes to achieve that? And so, kicking it is.

hisashimaru bikrash screenshot

Bikrash‘s game play is a lot of fun and makes great use of ragdoll physics while keeping the controls very simple: use the arrow keys or WASD to steer and use Q and E (or the right and left mouse buttons) to kick. There are no powerups and no point or health system. Just make it to the end of the track. You don’t even need to be first! You just need to get there.

Note: The peaceful soundtrack is a nicely juxtaposed with the game’s inherent chaos. Bikrash is listed as still in development and we’ll be looking forward to future updates.

Update: A recent update has added some interesting features, such as a gaping hole in the middle of the track which you’ll need to avoid, and you can, thanks to another new feature: jumping aka the space bar.

Let’s check out some Bikrash gameplay for a closer look.

Developer: Hisashimaru
Download it for free on for Windows

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