The Mystery of the Vanishing Mouse Pointer

Updates. Who loves updates? Well, everyone does and if they don’t, well they should. Especially when you use a well maintained distro like Fedora, updates are frequent and most of the time mean solid improvements in both performance and features.

Sometimes however, things go awry. For example, two days ago I ran a dnf update which updated and upgraded a veritable plethora of packages. Yes. A plethora. In fact, everything seemed fine until I noticed that my mouse pointer would disappear when it would enter the top of the screen. Indeed, when I’d go to click anywhere in the top bar area (Application, Places, the calendar, etc) the mouse pointer would vanish.

Thankfully, the Fedora community is on it and it is related to Bug 1316010 and the problem appears to be related to an issue with mutter-3.18.3-1.fc23.x86_64 which is a window manager that works with the GNOME desktop. A quick check confirms that this is the version I have currently installed:

rpm -qa | grep -i mutter

Again, if you don’t have mutter-3.18.3-1.fc23.x86_64, then this probably doesn’t apply to you.

Effectively, the mutter-3.18.3-2.fc23.x86_64 package update includes the fix and will resolve the issue. So not only do we love updates, we love quick fixes too.


no mouse pointer
What’s missing from this picture? Exactly.

Update:  The following version of mutter has been released and is now available in you regular updates:

Running dnf upgrade like so should get you the new version:
dnf upgrade

You’ll need to restart X, but you’re really better off just rebooting.
To confirm that you have the new version, you can do the following. Or hey, just confirm that your mouse pointer is back.
rpm -qa | grep -i mutter

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