Cube Escape: Theatre is a tough act to follow

It’s Theatre, aka Episode 8 of the mysterious Cube Escape series, courtesy of Rusty Lake.

Theatre of course, takes place in a theatre, and as you poke around the various rooms, you’ll meet strange characters who’ll give you even stranger clues which you then need to use to solve the underlying mysteries and escape the theatre.

rusty lake theatre barfly bartender

What’s great about Theatre is that it uses the environment as a vehicle to recall previous episodes of the series which of course are intertwined within the overall story. If you’ve played previous episodes of Cube Escape before, you’ll immediately recognize the names of the different plays/acts on the programme as recurring themes. For example, The Lady of the Lake, Remember the Seasons, and The Mill should all ring a bell and like all of the other games in this series, the puzzles are engaging and a lot of fun to solve.

Theatre is available for Android and iOS. You can also play it online in your favorite browser.

Developer: Rusty Lake
Download it from Google Play
Download it from iTunes

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