Classic Joust plays better on a console than a phone

Speaking of classic arcade games, one of my long standing holy grails of Android gaming has been to find a decent clone of Williams’ Joust from 1982. It looks like there was a version available from AppsZoom, but it was removed a long time ago and doesn’t seem to be available for download anymore.

The fact is, and this is my completely unbiased. but still totally biased, opinion, is that Joust probably just doesn’t translate all that well to a mobile gaming environment. This I feel is due to Joust’s very unique gameplay and controls. Sure, we’ve seen “flapping” controls in Flappy Bird, but Joust is about much more than flapping. You also need to make quick movements with a gamepad or joystick to change directions. The very challenging nature of Joust just seems to be better suited for a larger screen.

So at moment, since there isn’t really a good Joust for Android available, and by ‘good’, I’m really talking about an authentic version of Joust because I’m a a bit of a purist in that respect which is not to be confused with being ‘elitist’, although that can be a fine line.

Here. Compare these two screen shots and you decide which one you’d rather play.

This low bit version:

joust low bit

Or this version (original graphics)

joust level

With that said, you pretty much  have a couple of options if you want to play Joust.

Play it online – There are tons of classic video game websites with embedded emulators such as Class Games Arcade. The only problem is that feel is lacking and the graphics are a little scaled down. The response times are just not there either, but hey, it’s your Joust fix on a shoestring.

Play it on a console: (preferred) You can get classic Joust for the NES or the PS4 and just enjoy the closest arcade experience possible on a large screen TV. Best experience in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Classic Joust plays better on a console than a phone

  1. I’ve been trying to find classic Joust for my PS4, but haven’t found it yet. I notice your article says you can play it on a PS4 console; could you direct me where it can be found?

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