Classic Glow Hockey game for your phone

Thinking back to when I got my first Android phone (the awesome Nexus S), Glow Hockey might have been one of the first games that I installed at the time. Like everyone, I’ve changed phone’s over the years and with those changes often comes a changeover in apps. Priorities change and new games replace old ones and the cycle continues.

Recently, I became re-acquainted with this excellent game. Glow Hockey has its roots steeped in Air Hockey: a classic 2 player game where you each have a paddle and the goal is to score the disk in your opponent’s net.

Glow Hockey‘s paddles are look cool and fresh like digital Life Savers, and the disk looks a lot like a glowing Cert (without the Retsyn). I guess what I’m saying here is that Glow Hockey makes me crave candy, because it looks a lot like candy. It’s one of those games that is very well executed in both design and game play.

glow hockey screenshotsWhat’s also cool about Glow Hockey is that it’s both a 1 and 2 player game. I find that there are definitely not enough 2 Player mobile games these days and Glow Hockey manages to allow classic head-to-head playing. Glow Hockey is also ad-free, which is another bonus. There is also a Glow Hockey 2 which does have ads, so if you’d like to help support the developer, install that one.

Developer: Natenai Ariyatrakool
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

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