Circle Challenge is here

Speaking of circles, Night Ideas has recently released Circle Challenge to beta.

In Circle Challenge, you are Circly (a red smiley circle) and you need to deftly position yourself through the gaps of the ever rotating blue concentric circles. The goal here is to achieve the most distance possible, so if you touch an edge, even slightly, it’s game over and that is exactly where the challenge lies. If you’re really skilled enough though, you can pick up some circle shaped coins along the way, because Circle Challenge is all about the circles, and the challenge.

Circle Challenge also makes good use of your phone’s internal gyroscope. The position of Circly is maintained by tilting the phone from left to right to guide it across the playing field and past the deadly blue edges. You can also tap the screen to speed up, which just takes things up a notch. You’ll also notice that Circly appears to have a band-aid on his head which suggests that maybe Circly hasn’t been so lucky up to now.  Maybe you can do better and prevent him from getting injured. If you pick up a shield however, you can use it to pass right though those blue bars, like a ghost Circly. No doubt, it’s a pretty good power up to get.

For more about Circle Challenge‘s gameplay check out the action here:

Developer: Night Ideas
Get it for Android

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