Burgos: The Flying Burger

Sometimes a game comes along that makes you ask the big questions like, what’s it all about? Who am I? And is flying a burger really how I just spent the last 20 minutes of my life? Burgos (by Sungorth) in fact, actually came along about 2 years ago and I do not know how I missed it. It did catch our attention because it had 2 things going for it when we found it in the Play store:

Indie game? Check
Burger related? Check

So where to start? Let’s start with the burger in question. Burgos (aka BURGOS: THE FLYING BURGER in all caps) is not only a city in Spain, but also a kind of side scrolling thing where you are a hamburger with eyes and you fly around in a very strange universe where your sole purpose is to become multiple burgers while also surviving for as long as possible. And survive you must, all the while avoiding Stalin’s disembodied pin-wheeling arm and jet pack raccoons. Yes. Stalin is living in purgatory within the world of Burgos and guess what? So is chairman Mao who’s there to give you random tips and kudos as you navigate your way through the game trying to pick up powerups and burger multipliers. Because really: What else is there to life but more burgers, right?

Burgos’ gameplay is dreamy and backed by a lazy cool groove that in no way takes your mind off the fact that you are flying a burger. And while the game only has 2 levels, all 2 of those levels are so worth it.

Behold the Burgos splashscreen which is decidedly terrifying because a burger that sticks it’s cheese tongue out at you is exactly that: terrifying.



Developer: Sungorth
Get Burgos for Android

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