Astrocreep: fun with disgusting slugs!

All it took was one look at a disgustingly awesome gif and I knew right away that Astrocreep by Suits n’ Nukes had to be one of the most intriguing games that I’d never played. And so, I did the next most obvious thing:

I played it.

That’s right. Straight to Game Jolt where you can download it for Windows or simply play the flash version in your browser. Gloriously. Why gloriously? Because watching space humans getting dissolved by little green aliens is exactly that. Glorious.

But that’s not all because there is a point to Astrocreep. In Astrocreep, you play the role of the villain, aka, the alien, aka a pretty disgusting looking slug, where your mission is to infect the humans and infest the space station. The whole game may take you about 15 minutes to complete once you make it through a few puzzles and scenarios. You also have a few choices to make and these choices will determine how your parasitic alien is going to evolve. Will you take the acidic evolutionary branch? Or are you leaning more towards the telekinetic thing, which is equally creepy. The choice is yours.

So, without giving anything away, just go ahead and play it.

You can also check out this playthrough video or, click the links below to discover it for yourself.

Developer: Suits n’ Nukes
Play it and get it on Game Jolt

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