Antiyoy’s Next Level Strategy

First thing I thought when I started spotted the aesthetic in yiotro‘s Antiyoy was that this was a rehash or homage to the classic Civilization. But, after playing Antiyoy, you’ll find that it is not Civilization and in fact, it’s much, much, MUCH, harder. Antiyoy requires some serious strategy, and that goes for the early levels as well as levels 70 and beyond. I mean, level 70? Who even gets that far?

Antiyoy is a turn based strategy game, so you need to plot your victory from your very first move.  Think chess, but with even more limited resources. Move your player to a swatch of land, try and hold on to it. Build homes, try to evolve them into something stronger, like a castle. Yes, that will be the only way you will be able to defend your territory. In the same vein, you can also evolve or combine your citizens so that they beef up to become soldiers and warriors. But look out: the AI is doing the same thing and chances are, it’s much smarter and better than you at taking over territory. With that said, in case you haven’t figured it out, the point of Antiyoy is to possess and hold onto as much land as you possibly can, effectively defeating and eliminating your opponent. And yes, all in the spirit of turn-based-strategy games like Civilization, or perhaps Risk and Global War (GWAR).

You can check out some Antiyoy walk-throughs and gameplay right here:

Developer: Yiotro
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2 thoughts on “Antiyoy’s Next Level Strategy

  1. How can this overview be taken seriously when the difficulty of this game is compared to Civilization. (and the spelling mistake but lets skip that).
    “But Antiyoy is not Civilization and in fact, it’s much, much, MUCH, harder”
    Really?.. There are only two strategies I needed to finish Antiyoy, and yes some levels took me a while to finish but to compare it to Civilization is a joke.
    “Think chess, but with even more limited resources” ummm chess doesn’t have resources. it has pieces yes but no farms…. in fact you can have over 70 units in the later levels (more than chess).

    Anyway, rant over. Thanks Steve B, I needed that.
    Much love

  2. Hey Dan, I was just using Civilization as a comparison in regards to turn-based-strategy games, which both Antiyoy and Civilization are, while still being very different from each other in style and gameplay. As for difficulty, let’s just say that I suck at strategy games and Antiyoy destroyed me. Badly.
    We do appreciate your comment, and for pointing out that glaring typo! Thanks for that.

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