An Alternative to the New WordPress 5.0 Block Editor

With the release of WordPress 5.0 back in December 2018, the classic content editor was replaced with a block editor called Gutenberg. This is a completely new execution of the editor which uses ‘blocks’ instead of the classic editor look which is similar to the classic Microsoft Word document. Change is good they say, right?

Not so much.

Well, we gave it try and while we were hopeful at first, the whole blocks thing just didn’t feel efficient. This really feels like an attempt to re-invent the wheel.

On one hand we admire the WordPress team for trying something new but this completely revised approach does not actually save time in any way when it comes to writing. When it comes to writing posts, most people simply want to do so with as few steps as possible: start with a bank page, write, format, publish. It’s not that we’re afraid of new learning curves, it’s that this feels like a huge change for the sake of change. If you haven’t already seen it, judge for yourself by having a look at the new editor on the WordPress 5.0 release page.

With that said, a simple solution to go back to the classic WordPress editor is to just install the Classic Editor plugin:

Classic Editor Plugin

Yes, you too can relive the heady days of WordPress pre-December 2018 and enjoy a world where composing and editing a document requires 1 click or almost as few. Stop worrying about where shit is so that you can get back to writing content.

You can get the Classic Editor Plugin here: Classic Editor Plugin or search for Classic Editor from the WordPress Plugin section.

Sorry Gutenberg devs/designers. We gave it a chance but the whole blocks thing is just too distracting.


One thought on “An Alternative to the New WordPress 5.0 Block Editor

  1. People really hate the Gutenberg but I think it is much easier to use. You can write your own blocks and manage much easier your article. I know it’s a new feature and WordPress stopped looking like 20 years ago but all in all it was a move in a right direction.

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