3 Great Skiing Games for Android

Well, it’s pretty warm this November (thanks, El Nino!) but I’m pretty sure that we’ll see some real Winter weather soon, so why not get in the mood for snow with some Android skiing games?

skiing yeti mountainI recently installed Skiing Yeti Mountain which immediately made me think of Microsoft‘s classic 1995 SkiFree and its resident “abominable snow monster“. I don’t know yet if Skiing Yeti Mountain has its very own Yeti, but I’m assuming that any game with the word “Yeti” in the name, does. I just haven’t encountered one yet and I’m still stuck on level 7! But I’ll persevere since this game is super fun and playable. The graphics are cute and chunky and colorful and navigation is simple: just touch and hold with your finger and maneuver your skier down the mountain, avoiding trees and following the slalom path.

The guides are entertaining too, with friendly trash-talk and helpful hints.

Developer: Featherweight
Download it from the Play Store

skifree yetiSpeaking of SkiFree, You Are The Yeti takes the original look of SkiFree and turns it on it’s head, and by that we mean that you get to play the role of the dreaded Yeti/Abominable Snow Monster. Yep, same 8-bit graphics, same ridiculous playability. Basically, the skier takes off and you give chase, as the Yeti. Pick up a power pack for a turbo boost and you might catch the skier, who’s usually off screen somewhere. So far, it’s been impossible to do anything but just be the Yeti and run down the hill like a maniac. I’m determined to catch the skier and eat them to satisfy the Yeti’s hunger. Good for a laugh.

Developer: Colourfy Games
Download it from the Play Store

stick man ski racerNext up, Stickman Ski Racer has the kind of fun title that makes you immediately want to install it, because Stickman games, right? So, after immediately installing Stickman Ski Racer, I played it and immediately enjoyed it. I half expected this to be another vertical scroller like SkiFree but nope! Stickman Ski Racer is a side scroller with gameplay much like Hill Climb Racing. Yes, I know I reference Hill Climb Racing whenever I can but I can’t help it since it is the best game ever. Well, it’s my favorite racing game by far, for Android anyway. Still Stickman Ski Racer is fast and fun, and has controls like a racing game: left thunb for braking, right thumb for forward (speed), swipe up for jump and tilt forward for flip. And that’s it. Plenty of levels to ski (and crash) your little stickman dude through.

Extra kudos for the graph paper background on Stickman Ski Racer!

Developer: Djinnworks GmbH
Download it from the Play Store


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