2 cool minimalist puzzle games for your phone

If you’re a regular to these parts it’ll come as no surprise that we love our puzzle games. So, after reviewing a variety of different games (adventure, simulation) over the last little while, we sought out and tried a whole bunch of puzzle games. Finally, we settled on the following two minimalist games to review.  Oh, but the well is not dry since there are so many more puzzle games and games in general to try out. These two however, were fun and really caught our eye in terms of minimalist style, quality, and ease of play.


Describing Orph isn’t super easy so here’s the official trailer. You have some balls. They are of different colours and they are in free flow. The goal: trap them in the quadrants of their respective colors. How? By sliding the borders to let the ball pass through. But of course, it just gets harder with multiple balls in play and multiple quadrants.

Much fun:

Developer: Prismalogic
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Stylistically, we love Ultraflow and we love playing this minimalist game even more. The goal: get the circle in the “goal” with minimal bounces, or else the ball explodes and you have to try again. Very cool and each level just gets harder and harder. Great fun, but even cooler to experience both visually and aurally. Yes, cool, electric sounds accompany the game play with excellent use of slow motion. Love the physics in this one.

Check out the official trailer:

Developer: Ultrateam
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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